The unFacebooked life is not worth living…?

This is a bit awkward. Most of you arrived here at my blog because you followed an automatically-posted link on my Facebook page. I was going to share the article below on Facebook but it didn’t seem right to do so. Kind of a dilemma to “like” this post, eh…

For the past few days I was able to spend time (real time) with an old friend. He’s not on Facebook so it is particularly difficult to keep up with his work and family. To do so I have to go through the trouble of calling him (…and he doesn’t have a cell phone…) or traveling to visit him–real face time.

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 10.16.40 AMThough Steve is a professor at a university, he has resisted the significant pressure to join the rest of us in our electronic exhibitionism/voyeurism. What are his reasons? Conveniently, he wrote an article for Touchstone about his reasons.

Give the article some time and consider how you can heed Steve’s warnings. Think about how much time you are spending face to face with real people and whether that kind of incarnational living matters. For Christians who have a Savior who took on flesh and lived with us, it should matter.

Like King David, these men…

“Then one of the young men said, ‘Behold, I have seen a son of Jesse the Bethlehemite who is a skillful musician, a mighty man of valor, a warrior, one prudent in speech, and a handsome man; and the LORD is with him'” (1 Sam. 16:18).

I’m constantly strengthened by the work of the musician-warriors at two churches that have been mothers to me: Christ the Word Church in Toledo, OH and Clearnote Church in Bloomington, IN. My brothers in Toledo recently led worship in the Fulton County Fair Gospel Tent. I miss leading the praise of God with these men…1237331_10152305079317481_2090638137_o

The men in Bloomington have provided the church with a treasure: the Clearnote Songbook. Wonder what their worship is like? Have a look at their liturgy, posted each week. Looking for some beautifully designed online confessions? Here you go. Those things are icing on the cake… The substance of the cake is the Songbook. Go here to listen through their whole catalog. The Songbook provides texts (powerpoint), chord charts, lead sheets, audio, and some video of the excellent songs they have written for worship.

Let me draw your attention to a few of the songs that have bolstered my faith this afternoon:

Psalm 1: “How Blessed Is The Man”

Psalm 1 How Blessed Is the Man_lead sheet_real key_1_Page_1

“Hiding Place”

Hiding Place_lead sheet_real key_Page_1

“His Final Word”

His Final Word_lead sheet

"Friendship must be cemented by piety."

Friendship must be cemented by piety. A wicked man cannot be a true friend; and, if you befriend their wickedness, you show that you are wicked yourselves. Pretend not to love them, if you favor their sins, and seek not their salvation. By favoring their sins, you will show your enmity to God; and then how can you love your brother? If you be their best friends, help them against their worst enemies. And think not all sharpness inconsistent with love: parents correct their children, and God himself chastens every son whom he receiveth.’ Augustine saith, Better it is to love even with the accompaniment of severity, than to mislead by (excess of) lenity.’

-Richard Baxter in The Reformed Pastor