Baseball & Radio…

It’s as if baseball were made for the radio…

Back in ’84 the Detroit Tigers won 35 of their first 40 games and cruised to a World Series win. They were dominating with players like Trammel, Whitaker, Morris, Lopez, and Gibson. That spring, summer and fall, my dad, brother, and I listened to Ernie Harwell call the games on dad’s red Channel Master transistor radio (WJR, 760AM). We lived in Carmel, IN (just north of Indianapolis) so, depending on the weather, we’d miss portions of the game when the station faded out. No such trouble anymore… I get my fix with the MLB At Bat app. The Tigers is still the team though the broadcasters, players, stadium, and technology have changed. I miss Ernie starting the season off with Scripture, but the new guys are good.

The pace of baseball, the strike-out and homer calls, the rising tension of a no-hitter, the battle between pitcher and hitter are best enjoyed on radio. I’m looking forward to another season…

It's very difficult to say no to magazine editors…





Each edition of the Christ-centered byFaith Magazine features some interview of or article by a PCA superstar. Accompanying the Christ-centered article are numerous pictures of the star, posed—furrowed brow; thoughtful stare, eyelids slightly narrowed; calming smile; head-tilted back, laughing. I know the editor merely desires to convince us of the interviewee’s trustworthiness and winsome personality. And all of that to convince us of the trustworthiness and winsome perspectives outlined in his Christ-centered book. And all of that to convince us of the trustworthiness and winsome, Christ-centered content of the book of Daniel. It’s breathtaking in it’s Christ-centeredness! Thanks, byFaith!

Diaries are for atheists…

A few times in my life I’ve tried to keep a journal (…that sounds more manly than a “diary”). I like to think it was more about the pens and good paper than about my feelings…but that is probably not true. Most of the time when I go back and read what I wrote I think, “What was I thinking. Why did I believe that was important?” My journals are filled with insignificance that I somehow thought was significant. God had other plans…

I stumbled across the following in C. S. Lewis’s Surpised by Joy—his account of his conversion—to which I give my hearty approval:

If Theism had done nothing else for me, I should still be thankful that it cured me of the time-wasting and foolish practice of keeping a diary. (Even for autobiographical purposes a diary is nothing like so useful as I had hoped. You put down each day what you think important; but of course you cannot each day see what will prove to have been important in the long run.)

For all of you journalers out there who journal for noble, sanctified reasons, don’t get mad at me. I understand that when your children read your journals they will be taken on an journey through the incredible providences of God in your life. My children would just get a lesson in total depravity…which they can get from me in person.

Wifely Wednesday: Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

This week I’m avoiding theological topics altogether. Instead I’m going to share three of my newest favorite tools in the kitchen. Although, I suppose even kitchen gadgets take on some eternal significance when one believes, as I do along with Nancy Wilson, that “reformation starts in the home” and is visibly shown by the mundane tasks we do!

My Beloved Potato Ricer

Andrew bought this for me for St. Nicholas Day. And I was so smitten with it, that I made a demonstration video and texted it to him. Here is the genius of the potato ricer: you can cook potatoes with their skins on, pop them into the ricer, give a squeeze, and have fluffy, mashed potatoes with no skins! It’s amazing. I’ve heard you can rice all sorts of other goodies, too, like cauliflower. It supposedly also makes good baby food, but I don’t have any babies around the house to try it out on (insert sad face).

My Rice Cooker


My father in law bought this for me several years ago, although I didn’t really start using it until recently. The first few times I used it, I ignored the directions to rinse the rice first, so my initial attempts yielded dry, browned rice around the edges. I wasn’t thrilled, so I put it in the back of the cupboard and forgot about it. Recently, however, I pulled it out, actually followed the directions, and have been hooked ever since. It is so nice to throw the rice in on Sunday morning and come home to perfectly cooked, hot rice! And you have to love the 20 cup capacity (because you never know when you are going to need 20 cups of rice). It also steams food in a tray while the rice cooks, so you can cook a complete meal in one gadget. This model is rather pricey just because of the size, but there are smaller versions available for less money.

My New 24-Cup Muffin Tin


I used some birthday money last month to buy this bad boy. 24 muffins in one pass through the oven. Enough said! Actually, I use it to make brown and serve potato rolls for our Sunday dinners. But I’m looking for an excuse to use the pan for something chocolate…

So what about you? What are your favorite kitchen gadgets? Do share!

~Sarah Dionne