Male, female, transitioning female, transitioning male, ex-male, ex-female, other…

It is a complicated process getting a passport when your gender has been “reassigned” or is transitioning toward being reassigned. Note how the picture you submit must “accurately reflect your current appearance.” I don’t think they mean a male/ex-female/transitioning-female should look like a male or that a female/ex-male/transitioning-male should like like a female. That would be hopelessly old-fashioned. I think they just want to make sure that those who are confused about their sexuality aren’t confused by the fact that a photo of you should look like a photo of you. That’s actually helpful instruction for those who look in the mirror and can’t see what’s there.

5 thoughts on “Male, female, transitioning female, transitioning male, ex-male, ex-female, other…

  1. Genesis 1:27 God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

    Look what sin has done to the creation!

  2. Happy in God’s love I see
    male and female God made me!

    It really is quite simple, Andrew. We transition, we live full time in the true gender which God made us, as our testimony for two thousand years has shown; and we get a passport indicating we are truly that gender. Your mockery is ill-befitting a pastor. Shame on you.

    • To other readers…”Clare” is a transvestite who mocks God’s creation order and gives hearty approval to others who practice the same perversion (Rom. 1:32).

      Repent and believe, Clare. You cannot serve God and sexual perversion. Find rest for your soul and your body in Him and turn from your sin.

      • Andrew, God’s creation order is how God made it, not how you imagine the Bible says God made it. The word “transvestite” is defined in such a way as not to include me, and I would have thought you would know that. You did not mention that I am a Christian; perhaps if your other readers considered my blog with an open heart, you would no longer be able to delude them. The lights are going on all over the Church, you will not be able to keep people in darkness forever.

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