Obama’s attack on the Gospel…

At the core of God’s Word is this truth: man is sinful. From Adam—the first man—sin spread to all mankind: “…through one man sin entered into the world, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men, because all sinned” (Rom. 5:12). We are born sinners who sin. Therefore, when the Son of God took on flesh and lived among men there came an announcement appropriate to the context of the sinfulness of mankind: “He will save His people from their sins” (Matt. 1:21). When Jesus began preaching he contextualized perfectly: “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel” (Mark 1:15).

That the One who came to save His people from their sins was a preacher of repentance should not be lost on us. “Or do you think lightly of the riches of His kindness and tolerance and patience, not knowing that the kindness of God leads you to repentance?” (Rom. 2:4). That Jesus came preaching repentance was God’s tolerance toward you and me. He said what you are is not good, therefore, repent. To the sexual immoral, Jesus says repent. To the thief, Jesus says repent. To the covetous, Jesus says repent. To the drunkard, Jesus says repent. To the fornicator, Jesus says repent. To the idolater, Jesus says repent. To the blasphemer, Jesus says repent. To the self-righteous, Jesus says repent. To me, Jesus says repent. To you, Jesus says repent.

At every point where the unchanging Law of God reveals a knowledge of sin, you and I are called to repent.

Why? Because “it is appointed for men to die once and after this comes judgment” (Heb 9:27). There is a judgment to come where the repentant will meet their Savior and the unrepentant will meet their uncovenanted Judge.

This is the Christian faith. God’s Word teaches these truths for the good of our own sinful souls, and we announce them for the good of every sinful soul in the world. Jesus said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me” (John 14:6). Praise God there is that one way…open only to those who repent and believe.

To not announce such glories would be the worst kind of cruelty. To allow someone to persist in his sin until he dies is unkind and merciless. To not call for all men everywhere to repent is to denounce the tolerance of God.

Someone once told me I was a blasphemer and a foul-mouthed jerk…using the words of James 3. I repented by the grace of God. And Scripture has continued the same annihilation of my sinful nature, inherited from Adam. Everywhere proud, everywhere lusting, everywhere envious, everywhere unkind. And I, by the grace of God, hope to continue in repentance until the day I die…and then inherit my reward.

Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God. Such were some of you; but you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God (1 Cor. 6:9-11).

In hellish contrast, watch this video released by the Obama administration:

Contrast the worldview of this video with what I laid out above from the Scriptures. Repentance—the kindness of God, remember—is the enemy. The gospel of “such were some of you” is intolerable. In its place—all dressed up in the language of affirmation and love—is bondage to sin and the damnable weight of an ever-changing law.

So devastatingly sad. But Christians will continue to preach the gospel of such were some of you until our governing officials make us shut-up. This video makes clear such silence is the desire of our President. In the meantime, we will preach repentance because we love our Savior, the friend of sinners, and because we love sinners.

It is those who reject repentance that hate souls.

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  1. Was it Ben Franklin who said, “I would have written a shorter letter, but I didn’t have time.”? Well, Andrew, you obviously have taken the time to write such a short, but powerful, sermonette here!
    I’ve read this daily after you posted it (I’ve watched the video only the once), and will continue to do so. It’s rare, if ever, that I’ve gotten to hear you preach, but this will do. If no one else has read this it doesn’t matter, for I have. And it came at a time when I particularly needed it – Praise God!
    I’ve much too often listened to the voice of the accuser telling me such ARE you, only to find my condition growing worse and my heart hardening up again. In that context I lose faith in repentance, I lose faith in my Saviour. But such WAS I, washed, healed, restored, forgiven, and given the joy to serve the living God!
    I don’t know if elsewhere you’ve chimed in on the first of Luther’s 95 theses: the life of a believer is a life of repentance, and how that can mean a life of repenting of the same old sins over and over again. But that resonates here, too. Bless you, dear brother and friend, for your obedience to your Heavenly Father in proclaiming His Gospel to me, a sinner.

  2. This website just crossed my path while googling some information about the cantata of psalms by Frank Martin. I’m writing a thesis about psalms composition in the 20th century for my classical singing study. I was touched that the Mass for double choir is among your all time favourite compositions. I have had the pleasure off singing that music several times and it never fails to move me, I can never sing the Agnus Dei without tears in my eyes.
    But then I saw the above post. I never respond to things on the internet but I was sincerely shocked to read the above statements. The title of the post made me curious. I found out that it was about conversion therapy and that by prohibiting this therapy the gospel of Jesus was corrupted.
    It is my personal view and experience (family member) that conversion therapy is extremely harmful to human beings. How is it possible that biblical teachings ignore the facts that these so called conversion therapy’s are responsible for countless suicidal attempts en a lot off misery and unhappiness. How is it possible that biblical teachings keep ignoring the fact that homosexuality exist. You can call it our common broken nature or anything, but it does exist. If you send an apple to conversion therapy, it will never come back as a pear.
    Why is there not a sincere concern for our fellow human beings and an interest in who people really are. Why is being different from the majority called a sin? In my opinion is God’s creation so much more diverse then only straight men and women, and that we can not call a sin, we call that a fact.
    I do sincerely hope that these conversion therapy’s will be forced to stop there actions. And also do I sincerely hope that the church will be a place once again where all people will be recognised, if we want to start the kingdom of heaven on earth, that is how we should start.

    • Dear Johan,

      Glad you came across my blog and that we share a love for the Martin Mass. It really is a beautiful piece of music, particularly given its subject matter.

      As for your further comments, I was left wondering if you are opposed to all repentance. Not knowing anything about your faith and background, I can’t make a guess based upon that. But your words—particularly, “In my opinion God’s creation is so much more diverse then only straight men and women, and that we can not call a sin, we call that a fact”—make me think that you have determined not to understand as sin what God has defined as sin in His Word. The Holy Spirit says, “Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God” (1 Corinthians 6:9-10). Homosexuality, in other words…just like adultery and theft…is a sin that must be repented of or there will be no inheritance.

      So if it is repentance you are opposed to, that is the cruelest type of neglect. Not to warn a friend of family member to repent of that which will damn them to hell is not love. Further, to commend and promote that which will lead to eternal death is terrible cruelty and love not to your neighbor but for death. To warn others, as we warn ourselves, of the judgment to come is the Christian faith. Christians are getting used to being called cruel for their lack of affirmation of sin. But we know, through God’s Word, that what we are doing when calling for repentance is love: “My brethren, if any among you strays from the truth and one turns him back, let him know that he who turns a sinner from the error of his way will save his soul from death and will cover a multitude of sins” (James 5:19-20). To affirm someone in his sins is not love.

  3. Dear Andrew,

    Your response left me wondering, somehow I didn’t make myself clear at all in my first response. If you do not mind, I will try to explain my thoughts a little bit more.

    I grew up in a reformed home. Here in the Netherlands is a strong calvinistic tradition and my parents were at the outermost right part of that tradition.
    The only biblical teaching aloud was that of absolute predestination. This teaching meant that the gospel of Christ could not be taught in church, because it was only God who could lead his chosen people from darkness into light. I was taught that every human being was dead in sin and no dead person could awake himself unless a miracle happened. If the gospel was preached from the pulpit, that could lead to wrong emotions to church members, because they would fool themselves into thinking they were saved, while they were not. It was solely to God to pull someone out of the darkness into the light. That process was always described as, firstly becoming aware of our sinful nature and not being able to exist before the wrath of God, and by a process of utmost anxiety and depression one could be lead to a crumb of grace. Only when one could testimony of a divine intervention and great despair, then one could call him/herself converted.
    We attended a congregation of est. 450 church members, and only when the Lord’s supper was celebrated (once a year) one could see with his own eyes who were the children of God, because they would sit at the table in the front of the church. Usually two or three church members attended and one or two of the elders and of course the minister himself. The congregation was always sincerely warned not to eat and drink themselves an eternal judgement.
    In this environment I grew up and had little hope for myself to become one off the children of God, because I am usually quite cheerful and enthusiastic and I couldn’t imagine myself to become like the people who sat there in front of the church, and they were always much older then I was, I always thought that you had to be elderly to become a child of God.
    Homosexuality was never, never mentioned in church, that was the biggest taboo. The bible translation used in church, the dutch Statenvertaling from 1618 does not use the word homosexuals. And I looked it up on the internet, no current dutch bible translation use that word. The words that are used, translate somewhat to boy prostitutes and man having lust for many man. This is to me very different then the words effeminate and homosexuals from your translation. Maybe we should study the original hebrew texts once again.
    At home the we did not have a television or radio, I was not allowed to read comics, we could only read books from the voluntary library of the church. We had a reformed daily newspaper, which was our main source of news. Only my mother could not resist on queens day, to sneak to our neighbours and watch on television which dress and head the queen was wearing, she was to curious.
    The preferred choice of music was Congregational psalm singing or organ music and luckily for me classical music was allowed! I’m still grateful for that, I am absolutely passionate about classical music (Martin!).
    Naturally were my primary and secondary school strictly reformed and then I turned 18 and I had to choose a study or profession. I choose to work in a hospital, I trained to become an operation assistent. This was a huge step for me to come and work in the ‘real’ world. I had to learn so much, I remember being shocked for so long. Everything, from seeing people naked to conversations of colleagues in the coffee room, many times I just walked away not knowing how to react or respond, I had learned so much about the bible but I knew nothing. So I had to do something, otherwise I had to quit the study. I think it started when my colleague who was responsible for my education, asked me why I did not wear jeans. I was always taught that the fabric of jeans was woven in hell, so naturally I did not wear jeans. We ended up shopping and buying my first pair of jeans. I really felt incredibly guilty at first. I became a person of the world and that was the worst that could happened to me. Although I was dead in sin, going to church meant that i lived on the promise of the covenant, that was the only comfort the church could give me, and that bonded me to the church.
    Eventually I got used to the idea of wearing jeans and it got me thinking why I felt so guilty in the first place wearing them. I wondered in what other areas of my mind I was so aware of my conscious which was just wrongly ‘programmed’. The first thing I tried was to stop being so extremely judgemental to my colleagues, which I was severely. I could fault nearly every conversation, and the openness about sexuality in general made me really feel uneasy. Being less judgemental helped me a great deal functioning better in my work an I ended up just feeling pity for my colleagues and they’re deprived state of being .
    And then there came real change for me. I started singing, at first just private singing lessons (I was addicted to JS Bach) and later I auditioned for a semi professional church choir here in Rotterdam. In this choir I learned a perspective on religion which was completely new to me. The aim is to strive to pure beauty in words and in music. The prayer in church is always to search for what brings us human beings together and not what separates us.
    For me it is still a constant amazement to see beauty and positive emotions in religion, I had never thought of it that way. Every year we perform the st Mathew passion of Bach on Palmsunday. People from all over the Netherlands travel to our church to come and listen, usually 1800 or 1900 people attend the service. When the music is finished there is no applause, but there is silence, the Lords prayer and the blessings of the minister. It are these moments I know what my faith is. In every nerve you can feel the pain and love of Christ, having heard “Aus liebe will mein Heiland sterben” that is the core of the Christian faith.
    But now to the topic, and I have accepted it, there are homosexual people in the orchestra and also in the choir and for sure there are more between 1800 church members. And for me it is so true that the beauty I described above is also for them. For me the topic of homosexuality is just like my jeans. I felt so much guilt about wearing jeans, now, when I am not in a suit, I wear jeans and believe me I do not feel guilty about that. My old church never mentioned homosexuals, now some of them are my friends and colleagues. I learned by personal experience that they are not the sinful and deceitful people i thought them to be.
    Now I am active in the classical music scene I do meet a lot of homosexual people. Somehow it seems by nature that they are more drawn towards arts and culture and also by nature that they are more sensitive, which can make me jealous sometimes. For me it is now so obvious that homosexuality is just a variation within human race. I have had so many honest conversations and so much fun with my fellow singers who happen to be homosexual. The thought that who they are is by nature a sin is inconceivable for me. You mentioned 1 Corinthian 6:9, as I told you, based upon the translations I sincerely doubt that God condemns them as individuals. For me that is so in contradiction with the love of Christ, which is there for every human soul.
    I am so glad that I am a long way from the cold absolute predestination teachings from my youth. Music has really brought me to faith. Bach is sometimes referred to as the 6th evangelist, to me he really is. Next sunday we sing in church the motet “Der Geist” specially written for Pentecost, and I know that I will feel uplifted by the spirit of God and I will feel connected with all my fellow singers.
    If I had to meet a gay person struggling with his identity or faith, I would be so happy to tell that there is so much love in The love of Christ. I would so hope that that person would find comfort in that. I do so well know how it feels to be judged by the church, not even being preached the gospel (!!) because of our sinful nature. In that perspective I can so understand the troubles that gay people have to endure when they are supposed to be cured or changed. It really breaks my heart if the bible is used to single people out and condemn them. That is not the core meaning of the gospel.

    I’m so sorry, I could not stop writing. It really affects me.
    I wish you and your church every good.
    Here is a link to a small piece of Bach, the Lords prayer, sung by my choir.

    Kind regards,

    Johan Vermeer

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